Lady Basketball Tigers in Playoffs

Los Banos Girls Varsity on there way to River Valley High School.

Laura Albornoz and Amelia Smith

Tigers Varsity basketball girls had a successful league. They were co-champs in league with Patterson.

They practiced regularly and at times even had morning practices at 5 a.m. They first played against Beyer and Tigers won 63-57. The game was an extremely intense, close game. Beyer and Tigers both played aggressively trying to get a step closer to a blue banner.  Captains, Amelia Smith (11) and Erika Gutierrez (12) played a big role during the game by keeping the team organized. Gutierrez said, “We worked hard and played well. I’m proud that we won and we’re ready for the next playoff game.”

Although the girls won the game, they were already getting ready for the next playoff game against River Valley.

Because River Valley High School is four hours away, the team was already tired before the game even started. Junior, Samantha Almanza said, “The drive was so long and exhausting because of the traffic. At least we got a charter bus and stopped to eat at Quiznos.”

When the girls arrived at the River Valley and saw their team, they were intimidated. The opposing team players had heights ranging from 5’10 to 6’2, so the Lady Tigers were nervous as to how the game was going to go. The game was rough for the Lady Tigers and they lost  77- 34.

Although they lost, they did a great job getting as far as they did. The girls varsity coach, Coach Crosby was proud of his girls for how much work they put into basketball and is excited for the next season.