Stress in High School?

Amelia Smith and Laura Albornoz

Studies show that the leading cause of stress in teens are homework. At Los Banos High School about more than half of students in Advanced and Non-Advanced classes are stressed because of the amount of work they get in school. Also about half of the students who were interviewed are in a sport or have been in a sport during the year. Students who played a sport during the school year had more stress during the time of their sport than they did when they were not playing a sport.

From the students in sports at least one season of the school year say they are mostly stressed during their sport. Junior, Stephanie Murphy, exclaims, “Most of my stress comes from all my classes combined mainly when I’m in my volleyball season. Although I do play on a travel team for volleyball, our practice schedule isn’t as intense as it is for school so I have more time to focus on school and homework.”  She also explains that during school when she is not in a school sport, she feels more relieved because she has more time.

From the teacher’s perspective Ap History teacher, Mr. Coleman, admits,” In all honesty, my students shouldn’t be as stressed as they are. The homework I give is usually given to them 1-2 weeks ahead of the due date. The main reason students stress over homework is because they procrastinate.” In other words if students do not procrastinate on your homework, then they would not be as stressed.

Some ways students can reduce stress is to follow these steps: 1. Give yourself time to do everything you need to do. Time management is a big reason for being stressed and being able to control your time could really help. 2. Exercising can also help by keeping you mentally alert. 3. Get plenty of rest and eat well. By getting more sleep and eating you will be more alert and have more energy.