Relieve the AP Test Stress


Laura Albornoz and Amelia Smith

As the month of May approaches, students start feeling the stress due to Advanced Placement testing.

There are many ways to relieve stress so students are ready and relaxed to take their tests!  Here are a few suggestions to help students do well during this time period.

First students have to make sure they have studied well before the test; do not cram the night before! If you cram the night before, this will only lead to more unneeded stress and will not benefit you in the long run.

Second, throughout the testing week, drink plenty of water to help you stay awake and to improve thinking.

Third, keep positive thoughts throughout the week and the day of the test.  The night before the test, go out and enjoy a nice dinner or have ice cream. This will relieve your test anxiety and keep your mind off of the test, plus you will enjoy a nice meal.

Fourth, before the test make sure to have a healthy breakfast to be ready for the day and to keep you alert. Just remember how much work and effort you put into the test and how it all pays off.  If you remember that by passing your AP test, you will have college credits and save money in the future, this will motivate you to work hard and do your best work.

Finally, if you have a lucky item, bring it with you! Well, as long as it is school appropriate. Keep the positive mindset because it will ease your test anxiety and help you make better choices on the test. 

Some students have their own way of relieving stress. Los Banos High School junior, Samantha Almanza gave her way of relieving stress off of AP testing, “I went to bed super early and slept for like 10 hours. When I sleep a lot, I feel better, so I felt well rested for testing the next day.”

Junior, Estefania Alvarado said she relieves stress by eating a lot the day of the test and before. “I love to eat Wingstop the day before the test and on the day of the test, I go to Country Waffles.”

Overall, just do anything that makes you happy and pass that test!