Talent in the Choir

The choir director Tom Faria held an award show/talent show in the multi-purpose building on May 17. At the event, Mr. Faria gave out many awards to many deserving students in the choir. Throughout the show, students performed showcasing their musical abilities for the audience.

The talent was incredible. So many confident young men and women taking the stage and showing parents and fellow classmates just how skilled the choir truly is. They were able to show all year that they can perform as a group, then during the talent show they showed that they are much more than just choir singers and can be set apart as individuals as well. 

Awards were awarded to student officers and skilled singers alike. Brea Roland, Kyle Jackson, Logan Brooks and Victoria Bautista were the officers awarded plaques for their service to the choir. Daniel Baerwald, Victoria Bautista, Jacob Winburn, and a few others received awards for being inspirational members of the choir. Other members voted for their peers. Only one award is completely up to Mr. Faria and that’s the Choral Excellence Recognition Award which was given to Ariana Ramirez at the end of the night.