Los Banos Library compared to San Jose Library

Laura Albornoz and Amelia Smith

Los Banos is an extremely small town with an extremely small library. I recently for the first time visited the San Jose City Public Library. I was in awe at how amazing the library was. I understand that San Jose has way more people than Los Banos, meaning better funding for a bigger library, but the San Jose Library seemed so amazing. I then started to ponder over which library was better. Although the Los Banos Library is smaller, doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable.

The Los Banos Library gives free library cards, has computers, a fireplace, and a kids section just like the San Jose Library. Although both libraries have computers, the San Jose library has much newer computers which helpful for a faster service. Both libraries own a fireplace, but San Jose’s has a much modern look with white bricks where as Los Banos has a rustic huge fireplace.The kids sections are extremely different between San Jose and Los Banos. San Jose’s kid’s section has a much more modern look with neon lights above while Los Banos has beautiful butterflies above.

The San Jose has many cool rooms as well. It has a group study room with a white board and sound proof walls so people outside don’t  hear the discussions. There’s a quiet room that’s also sound proof and no one is allowed to talk or eat. The Los Banos library doesn’t have any rooms but instead tables and chairs.

The San Jose library has a greater amount of books, but that also means there are more people who visit the library. Everytime I visit the Los Banos library, most of the library is empty. Where as in San Jose, It was difficult to find a table to sit due to so many students, adults, and kids being there.

Both libraries are amazing depending on what you enjoy. If you love a modern look with a variety, you will love San Jose’s library. If you love a old school, private like library, Los Banos Library is for you. San Jose does have much resources but that’s because there’s much more people. Los Banos does have a pretty nice library for having such a small population.