Congrats Graduates!


Dezare Lozano, Staff Reporter

Good day Tigers!

On June 1, the class of 2018 graduated from Los Banos High School at the Loftin Stadium where they earned their diplomas and awards.

With the help of many students, staff and authorities, this year’s graduation was a success. Student representatives for the class retrospect gave speeches looking back over the last four years.  Salutatorians, Chloe Emerson, Shirley Liu, and Mina Shahbaz along with valedictorian, Mansi Patel gave speeches of encouragement for a rewarding future for all.  Their words were spoken with great wisdom and experience throughout the years at Los Banos High, and they made all their parents and guardians proud.

School board member, Dennis Areias presented the Citizenship Award to two students, Joseph Costa and Krysta Valdez.  In addition, CSF members were acknowledged too.

A special thanks to the following teachers for walking and attending the graduation to make the class of 2018 feel welcomed on their last day of high school: Mr. McCullough, Mrs. Ortiz, Mr. Halverson, Mr. Ordunez, Mr. Gonzalez, Mrs. Weathers, Mrs. Pritch, Ms. Fajardo, Mr. Garber, Mrs. Falaschi, Ms. Casey, Mr. Barcellos and all of the counselors and administrators.

A final congratulations to the 310 graduates for making it through the school years with strength, determination, and outstanding academic priorities. We, young and old Tigers, wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again!

Have an amazing summer!