Math department gains a new teacher


Mrs. O'Masters loves teaching math.

Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter

Tigers welcome Mrs. O’Masters, the new math 1 teacher.

She was born June 4 in Fresno. She has three kids and is happily married. Mrs. O’Masters likes to spend time with her kids, play with her dogs, and loves to read in her free time.

This year is Mrs. O’Masters first year at LBHS.”So far I really love it here; the staff is very nice and helpful,” Mrs. O’Masters commented.

She was inspired to become a teacher in 8th grade when there was career day at school, one of her classmates went up to her and told her that she looked like a teacher and that gave her the extra boost of confidence she needed . She always enjoyed going to school.

Mrs. O’Master passion is math.She likes being able to solve a problem and get an answer.  She also prefers solving problems over writing any day.

“She is a very nice and a genuine teacher; she makes everything clear for her students to understand,”Amanda Perez, 11, commented.

Mrs. O’Masters is very excited for what the school year holds including the rally’s, sport events, and learning more about the school and becoming part of it. So if you see see her around school, introduce yourself and welcome her onto our campus.  She is in room 522.