Welcome, Learning Director, Mr. Rotondi!

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Welcome, Learning Director, Mr. Rotondi!

Dezare Lozano, Staff Reporter

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Los Banos High School has a new staff member, sophomore Learning Director, Mr. Matthew Rotandi.  Although he is new, many students are talking about him – even the seniors. It seems that Mr. Rotandi is already making a difference at our school.

Mr. Rotandi is a sophomore learning director.  Coming from West Fresno Middle School, Mr. Rotandi is welcomed from all of the staff from being a previous P.E teacher. 

“I had graduated from Cabrillo High School in Lompoc, California,” Mr. Rotandi said. “I then moved to Fresno to attend Fresno State University.”

Our new learning director has also ventured into other areas of study while in college. “I had earned a bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology – Physical Education option and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership.”

“The student’s here at LBHS do an amazing job representing their Tiger Pride! I adore walking on campus every Friday morning to see the students in cardinal red and gold,” said Mr. Rotandi.

He also really has a thing for all the staff – thinking that they are “incredibly helpful” since his first day, and he notices that they also “really care about our students.”

Mr. Rotandi has another life outside of campus with his two dogs, a German Shepard and a Cockapoo (poodle mixed with a Cocker Spaniel) and his wife, Melissa. He did not grow up here in Los Banos, but his wife did. She is an alumni of Los Banos High School and Mr. Rotandi has visited LB many times before. He states that he has made many great friends here in town, and everyone is extremely helpful.  He especially likes that there are two Taco Bells in town and a Baskin-Robbins with a drive through, which pleasantly shocked him!

Our new learning director can only wish for the best this school year, and can hope for the personal success for all students. As Mr. Rotandi stated, “Whatever you set your eyes on, go about with Tiger Pride and know that you have a team of teachers and staff in your corner!”

After asking many students like seniors Frankie Esparza and Diego Rubio, and Brandon, a sophomore who didn’t want his last name known, they have all stated that they have no problems with the new staff member. In fact, they like him!

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