Summer Heat Scorches California

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

As natural disasters become more relevant due to global warming, hurricanes like Florence and fires like Mendocino Complex Fire are becoming more frequent in the US.

California is getting hotter every year; the hottest year in California was 2017 summer. It past the previous record of 2015 and 2016, the previous title holders of the hottest summers according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). These three year have been the hottest years since 1880, and the years coming up are supposed to get hotter.

July of 2018 was California’s hottest month ever recorded by NOAA and with the record high heat came the record size fire, the Mendocino Complex Fire.  This fire burnt 459,123 acres in northern California. It was the largest fire in California, burning for over a month and was recently contained September 18, 2018 as reported by inciweb – incident information system.

Los Banos has seen a few fires in the area, and as an agriculture town in the Central Valley, we are at risk every year as the weather rises.

“This summer was super hot, but luckily I was working at Rally’s for most of it with a nice AC, so it was not too bad, ” said Austin Young, 12.

“I stayed inside playing video games most of the summer with my AC, so I hardly noticed the weather and how hot it was,” said Michael Cabral, 12.

“Yyyyyyyyyyup mmmhhhmmum yyyyyyup, it was hot,” said Anthony Torres, 12.

Though this summer was one of the hottest in California history, it was a summer nonetheless, and it will only get hotter from here.