Mr. McWilliams Joins History Department

Dezare Lozano, Staff Reporter

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Los Banos High School is gaining new teachers and staff over the 2018-2019 school year, and one of them is the newly aquired Russell McWilliams, a U.S. history teacher with high potential in the new school year.

McWilliams joined us from Gustine, after hearing a new job offering from an online job search. Graduating from Gustine High School and majoring in history at Chapman University, Mr. McWilliams joined our Tigers team and shares his knowledge to the students that are attending his class in room 20.

“I am thoroughly enjoying Los Banos High School,” Mr. McWilliam states. “The staff is easy to work with, and the students are enthusiastic and involved.” When asked about the Tiger PRIDE movement, Mr. McWilliams inputs, “It’s a wonderful idea. I can’t say I’ve seen much improvement because of the little time I’ve been here, but I’m sure the students are taking it seriously.”

Mr. McWilliams has five daughters and a wife living with him in Gustine, and now that he works in Los Banos he has a better judgment on it. He says, “I’m very familiar with Los Banos, I always shopped and had dinner out with my family here. Now that I’m working here, I enjoy it plenty more.”

It is also Spooky Month! Mr. McWilliams is coming to school dressed up after what his children pick him to be for Halloween! Keep a lookout for a scary new history teacher this Halloween, whether it be a vampire or a scary clown!

If you see Mr. McWilliams, show him the beauty of Los Banos High School by waving hello or keeping your PRIDE with you at all times! We all wish the absolute best to our new history teacher and everyone, including the staff and students, hope that Mr. McWilliams will enjoy LBHS!


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