Movie Choices for October Scares

This is the Venom movie release poster.

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This is the Venom movie release poster.

Richard Navarrete, Staff Reporter

It’s October again which means dim the lights and put on a movie for some great new scares.

For this year’s exciting line up, we have movies such as Venom and the Halloween remake. Venom is about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s most feared enemy, Symbiont. Venom is about a journalist named Eddie Brock who is trying to take down Carlton Drake. While investigating Drake’s experiments, one gets lose and attaches itself to Brock and leaves him with super power strength and Spider-Man like powers.  Halloween is a remake on everyone’s beloved classic with Michael Myers escaping his asylum to rain terror on his old capers.

Chris Mendoza (11), is excited about scary movies, saying,“The new Halloween movie looks good.” He saw the Venom trailer saying, “Ya, it looks pretty dope. I wished Spider-man was in it though.”

Venom is already in theaters, but there is still time to see it, and Halloween will be releasing on October 19, 2018. With Halloween right around the corner you still have time to catch up and watch all the trailers. While asking around, Julio Palomares (11) was asked, “Have you seen the new Halloween trailer if so what do you think?” He replied with, “Yes, it seems intense but not too scary though.”

Mr.Garber, history teacher, was asked if he saw the Venom trailer.  He replied, “Yes, and I would really love to see the movie if I get the chance.”

Both movies are currently at Premiere Cinemas in Los Banos.  Get your scare on!