Blasting Off Again

Spacex Launches Rocket

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

Elon Musk Company Spacex launched their rocket Falcon 9 for mission on October 7 for Argentina National Space Activities Commission (CONAE). When the rocket launched at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the Falcon 9 with its nine Merlin engine lit up California’s night in a spectacular sight. But with many Americans not knowing what was happening, they let their imagination go wild, with even some thinking it was a ballistic missile heading to San Francisco.

“I did not know what exactly was happening, but then I saw rocket booster eject. It was a sight to behold, to see a bright light in the sky to suddenly disappear,” said Matthew Ziemba.

“When I saw the rocket I thought it is probably going to the space station, but I couldn’t help myself from watching the rocket disappear into the night sky. There was something peaceful about it,” said Michael Cabral, (12).

This is not the first time this had happened. On December 22,2017, the same thing happened but much bigger lights scared many people thinking it was aliens because of a weird sphere shape that the exhaust made.

As Spacex gets bigger trying to reach its final goal to go to Mars, people will definitely see more of these rockets lighting up the night in the coming future.