Black Friday Offers Savings

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

Black Friday is right around the corner on Friday, November 23 and just like every year the deals are going to be great.

 “I am looking forward to the deals on headphones. I just broke my last pair last month,” said Jansen Foster, 12.

Many stores have sent out deals list and posts about store bargains for the event. The top stores people will want to go to are Target, Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, and other big retailers.  These businesses will have the best deals if people plan to go early and if they already know what they want to buy.  

“I already have my list of things I want. I’m going as soon as Target opens,” said Luis Moreno, 12.

With all the hype that comes with Black Friday, sometimes company mistakes often involve saying the wrong price too early and/or accidentally leaking some of the main deals. Costco recently leaked on one of their flyers great savings in technology like laptops, Xbox’s and phones. So people should be making lists very soon.

One very important fact people should be aware of is there might be some deals that look too good to be true meaning.  This means that often companies still have make good profits but they sell cheap rip offs or poorly manufactured products that look good. A good rule to go by on Black Friday is if you have never seen that brand before, don’t get it. It’s as simple as that.