Surviving the worst week of your life (a.k.a Finals Week)

You got this Tigers!

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You got this Tigers!

Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter

Finals week is approaching, so students know what that means, due dates, word limits, studying, and panicking over passing classes with a good grade.

Students most likely have been assigned some semester projects that they will probably do a few days before it’s due or some other big assignments, due around the same time.  So students have plenty on their plate. Instead of saying the regular old line, “you can do it,” there are several tips and tricks to implement during finals week.

So before loosing your mind at the fact that finals are approaching, take a deep breath and remember, this is not your first final. Take each day as is. Start by studying for an hour each day or 30 minutes for one class a day. But don’t forget to take time for yourself, watch Netflix or YouTube, sleep, or whatever you prefer.

A second tip would be to take notes on what you are studying on index cards, paper.  Sometimes writing things out will help you remember it, even if you have good memorization.

Third tip would be to get a lot of sleep. Take a nap between studying or note taking. Do not over task or over stress yourself out. I repeat do not over task or over stress that is the biggest key. Get plenty of sleep; even if you have 30 minutes and you are not doing anything, take a nap. You’re really going to need all the energy you can get.

Fourth tip is to eat breakfast before going to school or eat breakfast at school before taking the finals. Eating a good nutritious meal can really help you have some energy, and you won’t be that sleepy.

Fifth tip would be listening to music. This tip is my favorite one; I love listening to music, and it helps me concentrate a lot. I recommend you listen to music while studying or taking notes.

These are my tips that I live by; I hope you guys will try out some of my tips to survive finals week. Just remember that it is just one of those hard weeks, and you will get through it.

Good luck tigers. I hope you guys put your all into these tests and do really well.   I know you guys can.