Ale’s NFL News presents Game of the week: Wk 11; Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams.

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Ale’s NFL News presents Game of the week: Wk 11; Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams.

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Ale Martinez, Staff Reporter

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This game was very jam-packed. There were scores in every quarter the score just kept going back and forth. First, the Rams would lead the Chiefs back to back the whole game. Literally! It was also the highest scoring game in Monday night football history.

1st QT: Rams took the ball first Todd Gurley pushed and he is stopped. Rams touchdown to Robert Woods! Yet the extra point is incomplete. 7-0

Chiefs get it back nothing really happened on this drive but a dropped pass to the big boy Travis Kelce, #87, on 3rd down and 7.

Rams: Groff with throw a quick pass to Micah Kiser, #59 for a first down. Then a 1st down at about the 35 big catch for Woods. Cooks will get a very extra first down for the rams. Josh Reynolds, #83,  for another rams TOUCHDOWN! 13-0

Chiefs: Gain of 10 and more running with it #27 Kareem Hunt. A low pass to Tyreek Hill for first down. Mahomes with an open pass to TYREEK HILL. HE WILL RUN IT ALL THE WAY. 25-yard touchdown for Tyreek Hill. Extra point is made 7-13

Rams: Groff with time  1st down to Rynolds. Groff throws deep looking for #12, Brandin Cooks there was multiple flags thrown on this play though

Flags holding defense #22, on Orlando Scandrick. The penalty was declined ( thanks ref). Pass interference #20 Steven Nelson.

Which gives the Rams perfect time to make plays and pass all the want for the rest of the quarter basically. A one handed 1st down completion to Reynolds again.

2nd QT: Rams still have the ball 1st and goal. Groff looking for #81  Garrett Everett  but it is but Chiefs #95 Chris Jones. Going for a field goal  from 23 yards Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein. Good 16-7

Chiefs: 3rd down Mahomes with a connection to #40. 2nd down and 10. Gets first down with Hill. Mahomes with a slide to the 1 yard line. 3rd and goal, incomplete. Limited to a field goal. Good. 10-16

Rams: Sack for  Chiefs #98 Xavier Williams. 3rd down and 13 Groff goes down as well with the ball. Chiefs recover the ball with mid field and time in the 2nd quarter.

Chiefs: #27 Hunt will walk right into the end zone 17-16.

Rams: Groff going long to Cooks for a big 1st down. Groff with time goes 3rd trying to convert he throws incomplete to Robert Woods.

Chiefs: Short pass to Hill for the first down. Mahomes trying to find a short  cut he will get SACKED the ball is out, the ball is out! Picked up by Samson Ebukam. He will take it all the Way Home! Touchdown Rams and a pick 6 for #50 23-17 and the Rams take the lead.

Chiefs: Kelce breaks free for a 30 yard gain. 3rd down and 4 touchdown pass to Chris Conley. 23-23

3RD QT: Chiefs have the ball a sideline pass to Conley for the 1st. Mahomes is sacked for Aaron Donald ball gets loose its picked up by John Franklin Myers.

Rams: 3rd goal touchdown run for Jared Groff. 30-33

Chiefs: Mahomes with time open throw to Travis Kelce will make it for the 1st & goal. Touchdown for the big guy Kelce 30-30.

Rams: Groff throws a fast pass to Cooks for a 1st down. They go for a 33 yard field goal attempt. 33-30

Chiefs: Get a few good runs not enough though. Mahomes will throw hitting Ebukam intercepted! He will walk right in for another pick 6 40-30 these last 3 interceptions has been making Mahomes and the Chiefs look foolish.

Chiefs: Running for his life on 3rd. Will punt with a fast drive.

Rams:  A gain of a lot for Todd Gurley. Groff gets sacked by KC for Chris Jones.

4th QT:

Chiefs: Fast pass to Tyreek Hill. Mahomes to looking for someone open finds his man hill will go all the way. 37-40.

Rams: Groff steps back with pressure ball pops out for a pick 6 for Kansas #97, Allen Bailey.  Chiefs will take the lead, 44-40.

Yes the chiefs have the lead but the Rams are not gonna going to try and win. As in anyone who has watched both Chiefs or the Rams will know thats its not easy to win won on both teams.  

Rams: Open pass to Rynolds. 1st to Woods. Groff connects to #81 Garrett Everett. Touchdown 47-41.

Chiefs: Fast drive for the chiefs this one.

Rams: Couple of runs rams will not make it

Chiefs: Mahomes with time room to run he will run it but gets slipped up.  Kelce breaking free for a big 1st down. Conely with his second touchdown. 51-47

Rams: Nice thrown to #12 for a 1st down big completion to Everett hits the sideline for a rams touchdown 53-52

Chiefs : Can you make a goal in 1:35 seconds interception for Marcus Peters?

Ram: Couple of passes and nothing and down

Chiefs have the  ball one more time. It will get intercepted once more, this time by #20

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