Tyler Incaprera Wins NNL West title for his Model Cars


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Tyler’s car was featured in this magazine.

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

Tyler Incaprera, a senior and fellow Tiger, has a passion for cars.  To be specific, model cars.  In the summer of 2018, he went to the biggest model car show in California, the NNL West. He had two of his model cars placed in Scaled Auto Magazine.

Tyler attended the NNL West 2018 to see and express his hobby of model car making like so many others. During the event, many representatives from Scaled Auto Magazine were there looking for the best model cars.  They had over 800 to examine.

During the show, Tyler found four of his cars with a slip underneath them meaning they were worthy of possibly being published. When the show was over, Tyler went home and preordered the magazine and waited for it to be published.

Many days went by and when the magazine finally arrived, Tyler opened the magazine with a open mind telling himself “my model cars might not be in it and that is OK.” When he looked through the magazine, he found one of his least favorite cars was nominated and his favorite model car and two others of his were nominated among 24 other cars at the show.

Tyler was so happy. “It was really a dream come true to see a model of mine published when there were so many others to choose from.”  Tyler was 15 years old at the time when he went to the model car show, and he managed to bet out his more experienced competitors by getting four of his cars nominated in scaled auto magazine.

“Model car making is my favorite hobby, and I plan on continuing it for a very long time,” said Tyler Incaprera.  

Tyler first started making model cars in 2013 with a 2012 Camaro model.   It was something he always wanted to try. Tyler has made over 40 models including cars, trucks and also planes boats, trailers, etc. The parts come in kits but all of his are customized and have many aftermarket parts which make his unique. Judges look for nice paint jobs and extreme details.

“Going to NNL West helped me learn more about how intricate the automotive industry can be,”  Tyler said about his experience.  Tyler hopes to build a career in the automotive field, so this experience has helped him in many ways.