Want to Join the Swim Team?

Colten Graham, Staff Reporter

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Los Banos swim team is starting up this month. To join students must have their athletic clearance completed and turned into the office for approval by Mr Barcellos.

The team practices at Pacheco High and practice times are 5:30-7 p.m. and sometimes times later if the team has to put on tarps. The head coach is Drew. He has been a swim coach since 2003 starting at Tiger Sharks and quickly taking over the high school program.

The team has swim meets on Fridays  this year, a change from last year.  With the new addition of teams to our league, the team will travel significantly more than last year to face the new competition. The team to beat this year is Beyer High school.

In swim, students swim as an individual and earn points based on how they place.  For instance first in 50 freestyle is worth four points. The points scale to the place students got. Given that this is how the system works, the more swimmers teams can get in events, the better the overall score will be. This is why students should come out and join swim.  The team is always looking for new members and would be glad to accept anyone of any skill level.

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