Track Season Begins

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Jasmin Heimerl, Staff Reporter

Track and Field is a sport that occurs in spring. It is a very diverse sport because of the many different events students can do. Altogether there are more than 10 events which are divided into running, jumping, and throwing. This diversity draws the interest of many students. Unfortunately, the number of athletes has decreased compared to last year, but this can also be an advantage. The coaches say that they can focus better on a smaller group of committed athletes.

This year the official practice started in the first week of February, but students were able to go to the conditioning practices since the beginning of January. Practice is from 3:25 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Unfortunately, practice on the track field cannot take place due to rain, which is why the weight room has been very useful in the past few weeks.

Recently, the athletes had to do time trials which means that every student had to try out every event. This way the coaches can compare the results and eventually decide who will perform which event at a track meet. In every event, the top three athletes are the ones that score points.

On the February 22, the coaches took the top 50 athletes to the first invitational track meet of the season.  This helped students understand and participate in the events.  March 2 is the next track meet.  Location is to be determined.