Students Artwork Displayed in Merced

Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter

Art students submitted various pieces for the art show held on Friday, February 15 at the Merced Multicultural Arts center.

The show was a collection of various mediums from different schools in our area. There were different categories of art ranging from photography, acrylic paint,oil, watercolors, mixed media, drawings, three dimensional, and digital design.

Students who submitted projects could actually sell them for money. Students based prices on how much they wanted to sell it for, keeping in mind the cost of supplies and how much time and effort they put into the projects.

Students feel good having their artwork submitted and on display for other people to see their work.

Liz Cornejo (12) replied, “When I display my art for people, I want to show them my hard work, my time, and appreciation that was put into it. Even if people do not like it, I am proud of myself, so it does feel good having other people see my art. It is like sharing and connecting my experience with them.”

I personally submitted an art piece to the art show. I called it, “The Turtle.” I made this art piece using acrylic paint and dots made with tooth picks. My piece was very time consuming, and I had to be very precise and patient. We started off with the primary colors which consists of red, blue, yellow to get the desired color. The outcome of my sea turtle was amazing and definitely worth it. Now people can see the time and effort I put into this art piece.

Ms. Gallegos, art teacher, encourages students to come and experience it. She commented, “There are no words to describe this event; it is so wonderful that you have to go see for yourself.”