Scholarship Deadline Approaching for Seniors

Brandon Mandujano, Staff Reporter

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The March 1 deadline is coming up and scholarship papers will be due that day.

Students planning on applying for any scholarship, whether local, regional, or national, get everything done before then.  Students can turn the papers in person to Mrs. DeGough. Be sure to check the Google Classroom for papers get transcripts printed and any necessary papers written up. If students have any questions, ask Mrs. DeGough in room 33 before the deadline. 

Any students who are not in the google classroom can get the code from Mrs. DeGough.  Students can find all the necessary papers for applying for each scholarship. For college help or help with scholarships be sure to visit the counselors and if students need letters of recommendation, be sure to see teachers sooner than later so they are not pressed for time. 

Also coming up is the FAFSA priority deadline, which is also March 1. If students need help applying, visit the school counselors in the front office, or the CalSOAP counselors in the front office as well.

Then the waiting game begins. With only about four months left of school and all the senior business left to do, many will surely be ready for school to be finished.

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