Prices Increase at Snack Bar

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Prices Increase at Snack Bar

Lizbeth Martinez, Staff Reporter

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Have you been in line at the snack bar lately with the exact change for a water, only to be told it is not enough?

Prices have increased in snacks over the few last months. Prices increased by 25 and 50 cents for many items.  Waters, Izzes,and Gatorades went up 50 cents, while chips, cookies, granola bars, and cheez-its went up 25 cents.

Student, Alissa Jimenez (11) was surprised to see that the prices increased.

“When I went to the snack bar, I was shocked to find out that the waters were a dollar, because I would always bring 50 cents,” she explained.

Although it was a small change, it affected many students. Many students had to get accustom to the prices, many students would only bring a dollar and it would be enough for a water and a cookie. When students heard the news they were outraged that the prices had increased.

The prices rose at the beginning of the year, but other snacks started to increase in price in the last couple of months. Some of these snacks have increased and than decreased, for example the granola bars were increased to a dollar, to 75 cents, to 50 cents, and back to 75 cents.

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