Photo Club Offers Many Opportunities

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

Los Banos High School photo club is a club that allows students to share their creativity about the art of photography and its many aspects related to it. The club meetings are every week in Mr Danner’s room on Fridays at lunch.

Each meeting is always a fun time to attend with the many photo competitions every week. If students win the contest, they could win gift cards to restaurants and stores like Starbucks and  Target. The photo competitions are always in many types of themes like seasons, expressions culture, and many other things.

Also, the club supervisor, Mr Danner teaches the club members about photography how to work the camera and use it properly to the different types of photos they could take using different types of shoots to express different things. Mr Danner also show how to use Photoshop and many tips and tricks.  They also learn how to use the green screens.

One the biggest and most exciting thing about photo club is the end of the year field trip in which the club goes to a big city or place visiting artworks and museums. Last year the club went to San Francisco visiting De Young Museum and a couple more places.  This year club members are trying to have the field trip in Los Angeles as a two day trip, and hopefully visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Getty and more. This year’s trip will also be an overnight one in order to get the full experience of the city.

The current club’s president of photo club is Anthony Torres, (12) and the vice president is Michael Lara (12).  They are both working hard to make sure this year’s club meetings and events go well.

“If you have a interest in photography, competitions and other fun activities, come to photo club in room 18,” said Anthony Torres, 12.