Students Rewarded with Tiger Pride Tickets

Angelica Sanchez, Staff Reporter

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Administrators and staff members are rewarding and recognizing students with Tiger Pride Tickets.  The tickets are redeemable at the school store for various prizes.

All staff members are provided every week with six tickets to give out to students who are hard working, have good attendance, show respect towards staff or other students, or use P.R.I.D.E. Our PRIDE stands for Preparedness, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Excellence.

With the tickets, students can get something at the student store on Fridays based on the amount of tickets they have, Prizes include a pride shirt for 25 tickets, a water bottle for one ticket, candy for three tickets, chips for two tickets, a no homework pass for four tickets, and many more.  The most popular item students want are the strawberry Pop-tarts for two tickets. If students don’t want anything or if they want to wait until the following week, they can hold onto their tickets or put the tickets into a raffle that is held every Friday.

There are different type of raffles available:  weekly, monthly, and quarterly drawings. In the weekly drawing, students can win a “front of the line pass,” “get out of Friday night school,” “get out of lunch detention,” “free entry to a sporting event,” or “a homework pass.”  For the monthly drawings, students can win a VIP parking, spirit gear, $5 gift cards, or a pizza delivery. Finally for the quarterly drawings, students can win $25 gift cards, a free yearbook, or other special prizes.

The tickets are a great way to motivate students to become harder workers and for the students to show their P.R.I.D.E.

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