Los Banos High School Library Has Much To Offer Students


Brandon Mandujano

The library has many books that appeal to all kinds of students.

Brandon Mandujano, Staff Reporter

The Los Banos High School is often seen as a place to catch up on studying, do research, print papers, and work on homework. But what is often most overlooked is the thing that makes it a library: books.  There are many fiction and nonfiction books to choose from for the purpose of simply reading for pleasure or a class.

Many have been to the library to check out books for a class, borrow a textbook to finish their work, or just to use the computers. However there are many books to choose from: whether readers fancy fiction, nonfiction, periodical, or reference. Some of the reading materials available include periodicals, such as Time, National Geographic, and The New Yorker. Nonfiction books range from information on biology, information on religion, or even information on sports. Nonfiction books from all ages are present in the library from books published this year to books that are no longer quite so popular.

Librarian Mary Accardo is passionate about the library and is always available to help students find resources to read for the pleasure of reading or for class projects.  She said, “When you read you soon find out that there are so many things you don’t know that you don’t know.  It happens to me all the time!  What are you ready to learn about that you aren’t yet aware might interest you?  The library is a great asset to our campus and I encourage our students to come in and browse the shelves and find something they aren’t necessarily looking for.  Do you like real-life adventures, history, romance, fantasy, murder mysteries?  Want to learn about different career choices?  Have questions about controversial issues?  What are you looking for?  The beauty of a library is being able to browse and discover new ideas (and old ones too).”

While many students know about the resource available to them, some do not take advantage of it. One such student, Leslie Hernandez, (12) said, “I don’t check out books, but I have thought of doing so because I do enjoy reading. I just don’t have time.”

Many sources have cited reading as a positive activity, for example Business Insider states in their article, “14 Reasons Why Reading is Good for your Health,” reading may help reduce stress which is important to students with many end-of-the-year tests, AP tests, and the general stresses of school.

The library is open before school and most days at lunch and break, so come check out our library and maybe check out a book while there.