Movie Review: Isn’t It Romantic


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Isn’t It Romantic is out in theaters.

Fanasy Nelson , Staff Reporter

A 2019 film featuring Rebel Wilson, mostly known for her comedy and wild characters in movies, is an unwilling “Cinderella” in Isn’t It Romantic released February 13, 2019 and directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson.

It is the story of Wilson’s put-upon Natalie, and how she magically lands in the sort of fairy tale she so hates. A place where romance infuses everything and a prince of today’s “royalty” chooses her to be his one and only. She is of course amazed by the attention but not delighted.

Natalie, who is played by Rebel Wilson, is not one that guys particularly look at and she is also not interested. She sets her standards very high, wanting a wealthy man who is good looking . But what she wants does not necessarily mean she needs it. Natalie is an architect and her colleague, Josh is a junior architect who she treats like a coffee-fetching assistant. Josh is played with awkward charm by Adam Devine . Endlessly encouraging Natalie into the spotlight at work, Josh cannot quite express his deeper feelings for her. And then there is her ultra-earnest assistant, Whitney, played by Betty Gilpin.

Whitney’s passion for rom-coms ignites a daylong of Natalie talking, and Wilson makes her character’s hyper-articulate contempt for happily-ever-after thoroughly convincing. Natalie has been told by her mom many times that, “There’s no happy endings,” she says, for “girls like us.” So Natalie has always kept that saying of her mother’s in the back of her head until something life changing happens, and she has to figure out how to fix it so she can back to her regular life.

My favorite part of the movie has to be when she thinks Josh is looking at the billboard of the Pantene model since she sits right in front of it. She finally confronts him, and he makes her realize that he was staring at her the whole time.  Natalie just did not think she was pretty nor good enough to compete with the model.

I loved the movie because in the process Natalie learns how to love herself for her instead of someone else. When she loved herself, she can finally start loving others. I recommend this movie. It is so good and funny and has some motivating parts in the movie. 10/10 rating from me.  Check out the movie soon at our local theater.