Round Table is Here!

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

Round Table is the newest pizza chain restaurant to come to Los Banos, and it’s an instant hit with the restaurant rising in popularity every day. The new Round Table is located at 16044 CA-165 where the old Blockbuster used to be.

The restaurant building was renovated to not only be a pizza place but a gathering place with an open fire pit, a good sized salad bar and a wall of adult beverages that all you have to do is wear a wristband, place it to your desired drink and refill your cup. With many flat screen TVs surrounding the bar, I’m sure, it will be a new exciting place to watch sports for the adults. For the kids and teens, there is an arcade room with an assortment of machines all the way from crane machines to Jurassic Thrillers.

Round Table is a very expensive brand of pizza with large pepperoni pizza costing around 20 dollars.   Keep an eye out for those coupons either in your mail or online.

Round table pizza comes in five sizes: personal at 6.5 inches with four slices; small at 9.5 inches with six slices; medium at 12 inches with eight slices; large at 14 inches with 12 slices; and extra large at 16 inches with 16 slices. With thousands of combinations of pizza, there’s bound to be a pizza for anyone.

“I personally love Round Table, but I can’t deal with the price. I rather go buy a pizza at Little Caesars.” said Willy Munoz (11).

Round Table was founded in 1959 by William R. Larson In 1961. A friend of Larson’s drew some sketches of members of King Arthur’s court eating pizza and Mr. Larson then adopted the King Arthur theme for his restaurants.