Has the Dress Code changed?

Aileen Rangel, Staff Reporter

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The dress code has always been a controversial topic between students and staff members. At the beginning of the year, rumor was that students were allowed to wear spaghetti straps and shorts, but many people were confused about the policy changes.

The only way to prove  this was to ask the head of the dress code policy, Mrs. Latta. When  interviewed about this rumor she stated,” No changes have been made. If you read the dress code handout from last year, you would see that it has remained the same.” The assumption that spaghetti straps and shorts are allowed, was false. Started by a mere rumor.

The purpose of a dress code is to provide an environment for effective student learning. Most female students would argue that spaghetti straps, in no way, would intervene with an effective learning environment.

A poll was conducted asking students what opinions they had towards the school’s , eleven out of eleven students said that it is fine for the most part ,and eight of the eleven added that they would like to see spaghetti straps and shorts as acceptable attire.

Alondra Armenta, a student, says,” A lot of the clothes I have are spaghetti straps. I would love to wear them around this time of the year when it is over 90 degrees some days, but due to the dress code , I have to find other shirts that will keep me cool but still follow the policy.”

When it comes to what students are and are not allowed to wear , the dress code policy seems to affect females more than males. If any changes were to be made, male students would be unaffected.

Who knows? Maybe if enough controversy continues to happen, the policy could be changed in the future.