Tigers Surprise Everyone After Stumbling at Hilmar Scrimmage

Pat Martinez, Staff Reporter

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Hilmar Hornets Scrimmage

The Los Banos Tigers appeared to be in shambles at the football scrimmage against the Hilmar Hornets on August 19.

The Hornet’s defense hardly let anything get by them, but that may have something to do with how Los Banos’ offensive line played. “…Our O-line wasn’t playing how they’re capable of playing and that was really the story of that whole scrimmage,” said Christian Corral, the starting quarterback for the Tigers.

Madera High Scrimmage

This defeat did not discourage the Tigers and their strong will really showed at the season opener against Madera on August 26. The Tigers came out of this game with a score of 35-20. They gave their all on this game, determined to get a win after the poor display of skill they showed at the Hilmar Scrimmage.

Los Banos went into the fourth quarter with a 28-0 lead. The fourth quarter was pretty exciting as the Madera Coyotes rallied and were able to score twice against the Tigers defense, exhausted from giving their best in the first three quarters. Los Banos responded quickly, however, with a touchdown from Chris Kyles, the Tigers running back.

Liberty Ranch Scrimmage

The Tigers appeared to lose some of their momentum in their second season game against Liberty Ranch on September 2. Coming out on top with a final score of 12-9, the Los Banos offense was lacking the ferocity and explosiveness shown at the Madera game.

Corral said, “That was the best defense we’ll play all year,” and it showed when Los Banos had to drive 80 yards for a touchdown. Corral threw a 19 yard touchdown pass to Anthony Caballero. After, the Tigers’ offense ran out of steam. The game came down to the defense, and they lived up to the challenge. The Liberty Ranch Hawks did not make it to the red zone once and all nine of their points came from field goals.