High School Through Different Lenses

Emily Rivera, Staff Reporter

To some students the first week of school can be very overwhelming. To other students it can be very boring because they have already gone through the high school routine. I asked a couple of students that attend Los Banos High School about their experiences and here’s what they had to say.

Freshman, Daelyn Vaca states, ” The first week of high school was very nerve-racking because you are the small kids on campus. ”

“Transitioning into high school from the Jr. high was not very different because we have the same amount of periods, but LBHS offers more sports and clubs, and there are upper classmen,” says Daelyn Vaca. The high school offers a variety of activities on campus which appeals to Vaca. She will be participating in soccer, FFA, and cheer.

Being a freshmen can be very scary, especially because you are learning something new about yourself and the people around you. Although high school can be a very negative place for some kids, Vaca still chooses to see the positive in being a freshmen and says,”I want the class of 2020 to always be encouraging, strive for their goals, and always be a better person.”

Dominique Pena, junior, was asked the same question and she responded with,”The first week of high school was pretty boring because we had to do paperwork.” High school is a place where you can try several sports and clubs and see what best fits you. Dominique Pena took a different route freshmen year and has been sticking to it ever since. She chose to join the cheer squad and stick to that. But it is never too late to try something new in high school.

When asked if she was going to join any clubs or play any sports she said, “Well I haven’t played any sports before, but this year, I want to change things up and try soccer or softball.”

Many people set goals for themselves throughout the school year. One goal Pena wants to achieve this school year is, “To have better grades than last year and to make this school year a memorable one.”

Dominique Pena expresses her feelings about the class of 2018 and says, “Just do you and focus on yourself and your grades, and never look back on your past and regret a decision you made, and make sure you see that positive in every situation.”

Last but not least, high school can be seen from many point of views. Some people hate these high school moments, and others will cherish them for the rest of their life. Even though high school can be very scary, there are many life lessons that are taught throughout the years that shape us to be the person we are today. So make the best of your time here because there will never be another time in your life like it.