Welcome, Secretary Ceja!


Dez Lozano

Ms. Ceja is all smiles about her new job as secretary.

Dezare Lozano, Staff Reporter

Hello Tigers! After the last few teacher showcases, we now have a new challenger approaching the arena! This weeks’ staff showcase will be about the new secretary, Michelle Ceja, who is stationed at the secretary office in room 57. Let us give her a warm welcome together!

Ms. Ceja had started working here at the beginning of the semester, starting in February. She was raised in Soledad, California, but had moved here in Los Banos 14 years ago.

“I attended high school here and graduated in 2011. Then, I had attended Merced College and soon transferred over to CSU Stanislaus,” Ms. Ceja says.

She is still working on her Bachelor of Arts. Ms. Ceja is planning to become a teacher here at Los Banos High too! After changing her major twice, she has finally settled on a liberal studies major. “I am still unsure what grade level I would want to teach yet,” states Ms. Ceja, “But I do hope to become a very hopeful and inspiring teacher.”

Ms. Ceja wanted to work at a place she was familiar with, knowing the administrators and all. “I choose this job because I wanted to experience working at a high school. So I applied for whichever position opened up at the secondary level.” She was granted a secretary position in which she was happy to do. “I am honestly so excited to be here; I hope I really do make a difference in this high school.”

Our new secretary has already made her mark at our school. Mr. Barcellos commented, “[She] is a very skilled worker and quick with her job. She has not given me or the other staff any problems.”

Other staff and students haven’t had any complaints either, and Ms. Ceja personally really enjoys her time working here. She added, “I enjoy my job to the fullest! I really enjoy working close to both our vice principals and learning director as well.”

Before her time here at LBHS, Ms. Ceja worked as a bank teller at Bank of America before deciding to work for the school district. Her first job for the school district was working at LBE where she was in charge of intervention, or “The detention lady” as the elementary kids would call her.

After working at LBE, Ms. Ceja worked at Westside Union elementary school where she was a bilingual clerical aide, then finally made the big move to come back to LBHS as a full-time secretary. Now working here, Ms. Ceja says, “I worked hard to get here, but now that it happened, it feels great!”

Outside of the workforce, Ms. Ceja has a life of her own. “During my free time, I enjoy working out, going on hikes, making random trips, trying new food, attempting to cook or spending time with my family.”

Ms. Ceja has three siblings in which are all on the road to success. “I have three siblings:  Krystal, a 5th grade teacher at Henry Miller Elementary, Pricilla, who attends Merced College and is in route to go to Humboldt, and Junior, a young teen who attends Creekside Junior High.”  She enjoys spending as much time as she can with them, including her two dogs, Penny (a tiny dog) and Skylar (a German Shepard).

LBHS is glad and excited for Ms. Ceja to be attending our school as a staff, and from the bottom of our hearts, we are happy to know you are a Tiger once again. We hope you have a fantastic time here at Los Banos High, Tiger!