Student Spotlight: Liz Cornejo


Liz Cornejo tiger painting

Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter

From sketching in a notebook to keeping up with all her classes while preparing to graduate, this girl does it all!  Senior, Liz Cornejo loves painting, drawing, and anything else artistic, and she does not plan to stop any time soon.

Liz Cornejo is one of the most talented artists among our school. Art is something that Cornejo is very passionate about in life.  She commented, “Doodling or drawings was always a way for me to display my emotions on paper. It was an outlet for my creativity and imagination to go beyond just my head.” She takes a lot of time on her art pieces and cares about how they look, and they always come out looking better then the next.

Liz plans on going to Merced Community College for two years then transfer to Fresno State to pursue her plans for her future. She is working towards her goal of being a veterinarian. ” I wanted to be a veterinarian because it is something I idolized since a very young age.” I gained interest in it when I watched animal films such as Homeward Bound, All Dogs Go to Heaven, and The Aristocrats. 

Although she will be more focused in her studies at the college level, she hopes to continue her art and improve her artistic skills.  She deserves to be put in the spotlight for her artwork which is beautiful, and the time and effort she puts into her pieces deserves everyone to see it.

Good luck in college Liz!