Game of Thrones Ends

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Game of Thrones Ends

Quentin Barcellos, Staff Reporter

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       Game of Thrones has finally come to an end after a long nine years of airing on HBO. Season eight for a lot of fans was disappointing compared to all of the seven other seasons.

       Game of Thrones started airing in 2011 on April 17. By 2014, the series’ fourth season was one of the biggest shows in the world. For the fifth season, HBO had 170 deals in markets around the world. These deals made Game of Thrones air at the exact same time around the world. This was to try to get people from other countries to avoid pirating the television show, and it seemed to work.

       Game of Thrones is known for having an amazing story line as well as great cinematography. The show is also known for being unpredictable. Characters that are important could possibly end up dying. That is just the way the show was. That is what made it loved by so many.

       The main contributor to this fantastic story is without a doubt George R. R. Martin, the creator of the book series. Right now there is only five books, but there are eight seasons already out for the show. This made the creators of the show have to come up with their own story for seasons six through eight, since each season is for one book.

       This is what caused problems for some fans. The last two season, seven and eight, were disappointing to some fans. Season eight was especially disappointing for them. They believe that there were too many unanswered questions, and that certain things that happened previously in the show became pointless.

       Eric Macias, a fan of the series, says, “The last season really destroyed what the other seven season built up. It makes it feel like the rest of the series was for nothing.” He also states that the show is usually unpredictable but likable, but this last season was unpredictable but unlikable.

       If anyone is interested in watching the show, they should keep this in mind. They could also read the books since it seems those will most likely have a different ending compared to the television show.