Movie Review: Shazam!

Eric Macias, Staff Reporter

Shazam! is the newest movie to come out of the DC Universe and it was actually a decent movie.  It had a hundred million dollar budget and it’s box office was $361.6 million. Many people including movie critics are saying this is the best DC movie to come out in years, and I do agree.  With the horrendous movie Batman v Superman, it was looking downhill for the DC Universe movies, but David F. Sandberg, the director of the movie is known well for his other works such as,  Lights Out, Annabelle Creation, and Closet Space. He is not a beginner to this industry and had some good movies to back him up and luckily, he was able to pull through with the first good DC movie in a long time to come out.

Shazam is a movie about a boy named Billy Batson’s who gains superman-like power.  The movie is about overcoming his hardships and learning what it means to be part of a family. The movie was 2 hours and 12 minutes and was rated PG 13. The acting was acceptable for a kids movie with some scenes feeling too cheesy for me and lines of dialogue feeling out of place in the movie. What this super movie has over others is that Billy Batson and Shazam felt like two different people, and we did not have to deal with the same generic actor suffering because of his or her power.  This movie was a piece of fresh air to see as a superhero movie.

The movie had good cinematography as expected with its budget. If you are still rooting for the DC Universe, the movie is a must watch but for the average person. It is a great coming of age movies with a fresh take on the well-known genre of superhero movies.    

“I saw this movie with my baby cousin, and he loves it. I honestly really enjoyed it,” Michael Cherroni, 12.