Change can be good, but also bad.


Destiny Gonzalez

Students use chromebooks to complete work in classes.

Destiny Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

At Los Banos High School, chromebook changes were made. Student were issued a chromebook, just like a textbook, and they are now required to bring them back and forth from home.

A handful of students were chosen and asked what they thought about the change. Over looking the results, it was found that the underclassmen were more prone to like it, which makes sense because they have been exposed to technology in prior years. In middle school, the students used iPad’s. Therefore, the transitions was not much of a new experience. Majority of the upperclassmen do not like the idea of getting chromebooks or having to carry the device around all day.

“Only half of my teachers use chromebooks, so I have to carry my chrome book along with all of my school papers, binders, and notebooks,” said Trinity Meza (12).  She is not alone on that feeling; a lot of students agree. “It was better when we had chrome book carts in classrooms,”  said Alondra Alvarez, (10).

Mr. Christensen, a history teacher said we might be facing “logistical issues but having computers is genuinely a good thing.”

Mr. Chris Ordunez, the computer support technician discussed his role in this process.   The chromebook must pass inspection before they are passed out. Each chromebook is covered by Google for four years. Freshmen received brand new computers. So the “newer” chrome books had four years left and were given to the freshman, while the chromebooks with an expiring deadline were given to the seniors. Next year, the chromebooks situation will be easier because as of now “it’s a learning process,”  according to Mr. Ordunez.