Club Rush Brings Excitement To Students


Liliana Galvan

Students sign up for various clubs.

Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter

Club Rush 2019, brings excitement and a chance for clubs to recruit new members and promote themselves. Club Rush was held in the multipurpose building on Thursday, August 29. There were about 15 clubs present.

This was a good opportunity for every student to go out and get involved in events for the school year. Some of our well known clubs are FFA, Spanish Honor society, and Academic Decathlon. Other clubs that are offered on campus are Photography, Drama, Art, Gay Alliance, S club, Gaming club, Deca, Creative writing, and Lulac.

Each club offers fun events and things to do. For example, the art club last year planned and painted a mural of hands holding a world with beakers, butterflies, and other science items for the science department. Ms.Gallegos holds the art club meetings every Tuesday in room 506.

The S Club will be having a meeting September, 4 in room 3 with Mrs. Head at lunch. The S club is a chance to volunteer and help the community, give back and spread love, not hate.

The Photography club’s first meeting is September 6, at lunch in room 18 with Mr. Danner. In Photography club they attend field trips, participate in fundraisers, and improve photography techniques. Last year the photography club went to The De Young Museum in San Francisco. You can also run for a club officer position like President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian.

The Gaming club has a meeting every Wednesday in room 2 with Mr. Garber. All students are welcome; just bring your lunch and come eat, socialize, and play video games. The Gaming club also holds tournaments and gives prizes away. Prizes range from homemade trophies to gift cards to Starbucks, Gamestop, and many more. They also have potlucks.

There are many more clubs available on campus.  Ask around to find out which ones would work for you.  All clubs are more than happy to welcome fresh-faces with open arms. If you are interested, sign up now and get involved, stop by and visit a meeting during lunch.