Mrs. Haworth Enjoys Teaching Science


Liset Prado

Mrs. Haworth is ready to teach her students this year.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Each year Los Banos High School has an increase in student enrollment. Many teachers have been hired within the last few years to help with this increase. Kara Haworth, our science department teacher was hired half way through a school year two years ago and has now been on campus for three years.

Mrs. Haworth grew up in Barstow, California and then came down here to Los Banos from Huntington Beach in 2011. She worked in an AG lab and then afterwards she started teaching. Mrs. Haworth has a bachelor’s degree in biology and science from UC Irvine and she has a cleared credential to teach biology. She now teaches grades 9-12 for AP Environmental Science, Honors Biology, and CP Biology.

When asked about her teaching goals, Mrs. Haworth replied, “My teaching goals are to make every student comfortable and safe in my classroom and to help every student feel empowered. I want to encourage every student to know that they have the ability to learn and be successful in life.”

Mrs. Haworth has now been teaching for six years. “I love teaching at Los Banos. The students here are great, kind, receptive, they have positive interactions, and they participate well in class, so I love the students here. I also love the team of teachers that I work with. The admin staff is fantastic.”

She expects her students to come prepared with a positive attitude and she provides her students with lots of opportunities to learn in different ways with visual aid and hands on activities.

“Mrs. Haworth was new to the class about halfway into the year (which was two years ago) as a replacement to our previous teacher. Even though she came later, she instantly got us students focused on the subject and motivated to work. She made biology exciting to learn. I was never hesitant to ask her a question about the work because of the fact that she was so kind to her students. It was a really great experience having her as one of my teachers,” Daniela Cardona, grade 11, commented.

Since she has been on campus, one of her favorite memories was the day she knocked on Mrs. Souza’s door to ask her to go to lunch because now they are really close friends.

Mrs. Haworth’s typical day starts with coffee and then it bounces back and forth from her AP, to her CP, and then her biology classes. She usually hangs out with the kids, sharing information, having meaningful conversations, and doing hands on activities.

If you haven’t introduced yourself to Mrs. Haworth yet, make sure to stop by classroom 405 to say hello because you won’t regret it!