Class of 2023 Exceeds School Population


Class of 2023

Daisy Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Enrollment rates at Los Banos High School in 2019 have increased for the freshman class of 2023. The total population is 1,506 and the freshman class makes up 468 of the population compared to the 394 sophomores, 365 juniors, and 279 seniors. The amount of freshman has shocked many students and faculty at the school.

“It’s the biggest I’ve seen,” Mr. Magallanes, counselor said in regards to the size of the freshman class. He went on to explain how he predicts a large graduating class despite some students that may transfer schools for different reasons.

In regards to the freshman class academic strengths, he said, “I ran a few reports and I’m glad to report everyone is doing well.” He emphasized that, “we want tutoring this year in the library, so we want to get that word out soon that way their grades come up before the end of the quarter.”

He and the other counselors want to ensure that every student does well throughout their school year. “I want them to achieve their dreams. Everybody has different plans for after high school whether it be college or the military or the workforce, but I want everybody to live productive lives as adults and everybody here at school is here to support what they want to do after high school,” Mr. Magallanes said in regards to what he hoped the freshman class, as well as all students would achieve during their high school career.

The freshman class themselves are doing well as many said they were enjoying high school so far. For some, high school was exactly what they expected, but for others, it was the complete opposite. One freshman claimed they thought they would be bullied because of their height, but that was disproved as they have not experienced such hate.

A freshman was asked about their goals for this year and said, “to get good grades and meet new people.”

Another freshman, Arissa Artiaga said, “I really don’t have a goal this year, just to make new friends I guess.” She continued on to say that she was excited to join a club and a sport this year. She has not figured out which club yet, but said she would think about joining volleyball.

The teachers themselves were shocked with the incoming freshman. Freshman English teacher, Mrs. Thacker said she was shocked because, “that’s more grading.” She explained how her classes had expanded and said, “I have three sections of honors English instead of two.”

Overall, the staff has high hopes for the freshman class of 2023. Everyone wants them to achieve their goals and will support the students all the way through. All in all, the freshman class is predicted to have a great four years at Los Banos High School.