Most Popular Albums of the School Year


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The most popular albums among high school students.

Angela Vance, Staff Reporter

Since the school year started, there has been a lot of great album releases. These are a few of the main ones that are most popular among high school students.

On August 9, rapper Trippie Redd released his album titled ! (Exclamation Point). This is his second studio album. but his first album release of 2019. This rap and hip hop album is 36 minutes and eleven seconds long and has two singles on it. ! originally had 14 songs on it but a song titled, “They Afraid Of You” featuring Playboi Carti was removed shortly after its release.

Other features on this album include The Game, Lil Baby, Lil Duke, and Coi Leray. This album is $7.99 and has a rating of 3 stars on Apple Music. Some of the most popular songs from this album are “Mac 10”, “Snake Skin”, and “Under Enemy Arms.” My favorite song from ! is titled “Lil Wayne.” A lot of people think that this is one of his worst albums, and I agree because his other albums are way better.

On August 23, electro-pop singer Taylor Swift released her seventh studio album. This album is titled Lover and it is 81 minutes long. Lover has 18 songs on it and has three singles. There are two features which include Brendon Urie and The Dixie Chicks. This album is $11.99 to buy  and is number 4 on the music charts. I haven’t listened to this album but I heard a lot of good things about it like that it was a good album. Some songs that are the most popular from this album are “You Need To Calm Down,” “Lover,” and “I Forgot You Existed.”

Also on August 23, boy band Brockhampton released their fifth studio album called Ginger.  They are an alternative hip-hop and rap group. The album is 44 minutes and 16 seconds long with a total of 12 songs on it. It has four singles and features Deb Never, Ryan Beatty, Slowthai, Parker Mulherin, and Victor Roberts II. The three most popular songs on this album are “NO HALO,” “SUGAR,” and “BOY BYE.” This album is $9.99 to buy and has a rating of four and a half stars on Apple Music. I only listened to some songs off this album but they were very good so I would expect the same from the rest of the album.

On August 30, singer Lana Del Rey released her sixth studio album. This alternative and indie album is called Norman ******* Rockwell!. The album is 67 minutes and 38 seconds and has 14 songs on it. There are five singles on it and there are no features. This album is $11.99 to buy and has a rating of four and a half stars. This album is my favorite album release since school started because I can listen to it start to finish and do not skip any songs. My favorite songs from this album are “Mariners Apartment Complex,” “Venice *****,” and “Doin’ Time.”

On September 4, rap group Shoreline Mafia released an EP album. It is named Party Pack, Vol. 2 and this is their fourth album available for streaming. It is 27 minutes and 59 seconds and has nine songs on it. There are no singles on this album. There are many features which include 03 Greedo,  Warhol.SS, Curren$y, Mac P Dawg, Band Gang Paid Will, and Drakeo the Ruler. This album is $7.99 to buy and has a rating of 4 stars. This album is also an album that I can play and not skip any songs. The best songs from this album are “Chandelier,” “Fell in Love,” and “Wings.”

On September 9, artist Post Malone released his third studio album called Hollywood’s Bleeding. It is 51 minutes and four seconds and has 17 songs. There are five singles on this hip hop album and 10 features. The features include Ozzy Osbourne, DaBaby, Future, Halsy, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Sza, Swae Lee, and Young Thug. This album is currently $12.99 to buy and is at number two on the music charts as of this week. The most popular songs from this album are “Circles,” ‘Sunflower,” “Goodbyes,” and “Enemies.” I haven’t listened to that many songs on this album yet, but it is number two on the music charts so I would assume it is pretty good.