Drama Club Gets Ready for the Fall Play


Daisy Rodriguez

Drama Club "The Loser's Club" Cast and Officers

Daisy Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Drama club members are preparing for the upcoming play, “The Loser’s Club” after auditions on September 13. The fall play, being preformed in early December, has the members of the cast somewhat nervous about learning their lines.

“The Loser’s Club is a play about all the kids who were considered rejects on campus and the ones that were teased and bullied and they actually decide to take matters into their hands and they kidnap the head cheerleader and the football captain and hold them on trial for all the things they’ve done to them, ” said Mrs. Carruth, the drama club advisor.

This year, the drama club consists of over 32 members. They meet every Monday at lunch in room 510, but soon they will figure out a schedule that works for everyone when it comes to practices.

The officers of the club are excited for the play to begin in order to help out and to participate. Olivia Sanchez, vice president of the drama club, has been in drama club for three years and said, “I’m not in the play itself, but I do plan on helping out backstage and stage managing maybe.”

Mario Olivares, secretary, has been in drama club for three years as well and is participating in this fall play but will still help out as much as he can.

The cast itself has mostly been interested in performing for a long time and now will in this play. Marcela Romo said, “I got Lizzy, a tomboy who always wears a cap.” She went on to explain how she had never been in a play before because it had been canceled last year.

Zoe Wolfsen, cast as Cynthia, said, “I’ve done stuff like this before so I think I’ll be okay” when asked about being nervous.

Jocelyn Vierra, who was cast as Pooh, when asked about her interest in performing said, “A long time, like ever since I was a little kid so almost my whole life pretty much.”

Along with this fall play, Mrs. Carruth said, “We plan to put on a talent show or a variety show where kids can come in and either perform a monologue, perform a one act, perform a play they’ve written themselves, just go up and dance, go up and basically show off any talents they want.”

After this play, Mrs. Carruth explained, “We want to do a spring musical, we are still up in the air about which one we want to pick.” She went on to explain the plays that have been suggested such as Aladdin, Annie, The Addams Family, and Lion King.

Mrs. Carruth has many goals for the club this year. She said, “The goals I have are going to be just to make sure that everyone knows that everyone is welcome here. I would love to have a fall play and a spring musical and have the variety show like I mentioned along with other fundraising stuff. Just making sure that we keep theater alive and performing arts alive because I feel so often it’s easily forgotten if we don’t have all the support needed from the students.”