College Night Offers Learning Opportunity


Michelle Ceja

Students gathered together for college night.

Fanasy Nelson, Staff Reporter

The school hosted a field trip called  “College Night” on September 9 to the Fresno Convention Center. College Night was a great opportunity for all grade levels to come out and get more information about colleges and ask questions.

The event had a lot of everything from various colleges, sessions on different topics regarding financial aid to college life, and college scouts to talk with during the night.  There was about 13 California State universities, nine UC campuses, and about 65 Private, Public and Specialized Fields colleges.   The military, California army national guard , US Army, US Coast Guard were present too.

Everyone was welcomed including parents. “First generation College-Bound Students” was a program provided at college night for students being the first ones in their family to go to college. This provided an opportunity to help students navigate the course toward higher education. This was a chance for students, even if students are still in 9th or 10th grade, to start learning how to plan and get ready for college.

Also offered was a session called, “College-Making It Happen,” which was for younger students and parents to gather information and learn how to make high school years count toward admission to the college of their choice.

College night was a very informational night for students of all ages and just to put yourself out there and get familiar with colleges and questions that you need to ask.

The whole event was sponsored by Community Care Health and coordinated by Fresno county superintendent of schools.