ASB Makes Positive Changes


Joe Barcellos

ASB members organize school events and show Tiger Pride.

Alex Caloca, Staff Reporter

Joining ASB was something I did not plan on doing this year but, it was definitely a decision I do not regret. I’m Alex Caloca your ASB Treasurer.

It’s my last year of high school, so I’m trying to be involved as much as I can with our school and everything going on in it. My experience in ASB so far has been nothing but positive. Meeting new people, stepping out my comfort zone has always been something I enjoyed doing and that’s something you have to face and do while being in ASB.

Just this last week our ASB class had a Sportsmanship Meeting in Lathrop and different schools attended with their ASB classes as well. People I never met before became good friends after all the trust and bonding exercises. It was something I really enjoyed and an experience I will not forget.

As ASB Treasurer, some responsibilities I have are helping approve and sign school wide purchase orders and making sure they go through the accountant. I’m also in charge for all the expenses and budgets coming into ASB and inputting them onto an ASB spreadsheet which keeps track of everything.

This year I’d like to make all our school events as fun as possible for all our students and as an ASB Officer also set a good example to the younger students and show it’s fun getting involved with school and trying new things.

Other ASB Officers include Jadie Beltran, President; Audrey Lowe, Vice President; and Bradley Roberts, Secretary.

President Jadie Beltran, said she joined ASB because she likes being involved in the school and the activities that happen on campus.

She said, “Being president, I have a bunch of responsibilities. I have to make sure every student in the class is on task and doing what needs to be done. I also try my best to be at every school event and help as much as I can.” She also says a lot of thinking and creativity are needed to make everyone happy and enjoy the events, such as the rallies.

Audrey Lowe, Vice President, said,  “As a leader, I would want others to learn from me that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to show school spirit or be involved with more school activities.”

She said she joined ASB to try to bring more school spirit to our school, to gain leadership skills, and to be more involved with our school. Lowe said, “Throughout the year, I am looking forward to seeing more students have school spirit at rallies, sports games, etc.”

Bradley Roberts, Secretary, said, “I want others to see that being involved isn’t lame and it creates a lot of character. Being involved also is way more fun then being off on the side doing nothing.” Some responsibilities Bradley has in the role he takes is to keep notes while meetings are in session every Monday and input purchase orders that are submitted from students or clubs on campus.

Anyone can be part of ASB to help the school have a fun and memorable year.  But if students are not in the class, they can still join in activities on campus and join the student Tiger section to cheer on teams.