Career Planning Class At LBHS


Liset Prado

Ms. Austin is happy to help her students.

Liset Prado, Staff Reporter

Have you heard about the Career Planning class? Ms. Austin offers freshman students a chance to discover their potential careers by guiding them towards success. Los Banos High School was in need of some new electives so she decided to start the class to help those searching for answers.

Ms. Austin has been teaching Career Planning for about four years now and this year.  Before she taught Career Planning, she was a Career Guidance Technician for about seven years.

When asked about what she is hoping to accomplish, Ms. Austin replied, “I try to get them focused on their grades because they start to lag and then it catches up with you in the end. I just want to motivate them to stay up on their grades.”

Other topics covered during the year include:

Health and Safety on the job

Money mgmt/Borrowing

Earning Power/Payroll/getting paid on the job

Resume, Cover Letter, Job app (employability Portfolio) Interviewing

Professionalism, Work Ethics, Customer Service

Financial Services- managing your spending and Bank Accounts

Leadership- DECA member (if in Ms. Austin’s class) Marketing Association

Ms. Austin opens up her student’s minds so they can see different things they may be interested in. Her goal is to help them get a job.  One task the students take on is working on resumes together. The students inspire Ms. Austin because they help her make sure that she does well in class.

“If you think you might be interested in something then look it up and see what it involves. There’s a lot of things you can explore to help you figure it out. If you can figure it out then you can graduate and get a job, which can guide you somewhere,” Ms. Austin commented.

If you ever need help with anything work or job related, come by to room 19 and talk to Ms. Austin.