League of United Latin American Citizens and Hispanic Heritage Month

Jaime Flores, Kevin Flores, Alexis Rivera

Taylor Parmley '20, Staff Reporter

The League of United Latin American Citizen, also known as LULAC, is the first and oldest Latino civil rights organization in the United States founded in 1929. LULAC is comparable to the NAACP or ACLU, which does not only provide a cultural organization, but also provides civil rights education and legal resources. All over the country, there are student organizations through LULAC that connect to larger chapters of the organization. Most students join the student organization beginning in high school and ending in college then continue into the chapters around the United States.

On campus we have a LULAC club led by Mr.Flores, a tenth grade English teacher and Gay-Straight Alliance club adviser. The officers of LULAC club on campus include the president of the club, Dulce Gomez (10), the vice president, Victor Regalado (10), the secretary, Valerie Guzman (10) and the treasurer, Alejandra Rodriguez (11).

Over the last year, the club has doubled in member size from ten to twenty. Mr.Flores, along with the students in the club, intend to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in numerous ways. Every day during Hispanic Heritage month, September 15 to October 15, there will be a fact in the daily bulletin about the Hispanic culture. Every Friday during Hispanic Heritage month, the club will have piñatas, that they made, and a DJ to play Hispanic music in the quad.

At some point during Hispanic Heritage month, the LULAC club would like to have a food festival. “We’ll bring in like taco trucks and have them on campus. We’re still working out all of the logistics,” Mr. Flores mentioned.

If you are interested in joining LULAC, see Mr. Flores in room 15.