What’s Your Family Heirloom?


Ellie Koleen

Mrs. Fajardo's family bracelet was passed on to her to wear.

Gabriel Ortiz, Staff Reporter

What is an heirloom? An heirloom is a valuable object that belongs to a family and is passed down from generations to generations. The best kind of family heirlooms are jewelry, clothes, furniture, etc. Heirlooms are anything with sentimental value that can be passed on to another person who would appreciate the value of the item.

The school conducted a poll on Instagram, asking students, “What item do you own that would be considered a family heirloom?” with the definition of an heirloom above it. Some students were interviewed as well about heirlooms.

Thirty percent of students polled said a necklace would be an heirloom to pass on in their family, 20% said a watch, 20% said some other type of jewelry, and another 30% of students said an article of clothing would be their future heirloom.

LBHS science teacher, Mrs. Fajardo went with her grandmother’s bracelet that she wore on her wedding. “The one I have has been passed down from my grandmother, so she used it on her wedding, and then my mom used it on her wedding, and then I used it. It was special to me because I never met my grandmother because she passed away before I was born. I know it would mean a lot to my mom so that’s why I wore it.”

LBHS’ IT Technician, Mr. Christopher Ordunez was unsure at first but ended up saying, “…maybe a necklace from my grandma or anything like that.”

Senior, Brayden Jones was another person who said “a necklace.” He responded with “hmm…not a gold one, just a silver one.”

Senior, Carlos Magana heirloom would be a watch. He said, “Well nothing right now, but just a watch in general.”

Senior, Adrian Flippo would pass down, “My grandpa’s lock of hair, on a flag, that shows a Native American on it. It means a lot to me.”

Mrs. Martinez, math teacher said she would pass down a jewelry box with an engraving in it. She said that she would love for her kids to receive it, maintain it, and pass it on.

What would be your family heirloom?