Saudi Arabia ATTACKED!


The Guardian

Kuhrais Oil field damaged infrastructure.

On September 14, 2019, between 3:31 a.m and 3:42 a.m, Saudi Arabia’s oil field was attacked by an unknown enemy. Cruise missiles and drones were launched from the direction of Iran.The Houthi Rebels claim they are responsible for the attacks but unquestionably sponsored by Iran.

The United States and Saudi Arabia officials suspect that Iran sponsored the oil field attacks. Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, denies the U.S and Saudi Arabia accusation. Iran threatens that if there is any military attacks, they will respond with full deadly force.

President Trump responded by saying that his government is “locked and loaded” and ready to respond to whoever carried out these attacks. The tensions between Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Iran are greater than ever. Saudi Arabia urged “strong and firm action to deter Iran.”

Saudi Arabia recovered fully intact circuit boards from a missile that missed its target and landed in the desert undamaged. Saudi Arabia will work with the United States on the investigation. The United States will be able to trace the circuit boards to Iran and recover flight data. If Saudi Arabia and the United States decide to attack, those actions will further escalate the tension. President Trump has previously not been willing to take the risk of any further altercations.

As tensions rise and threats are traded, what should be done to who ever is responsible for these attacks? Mr. Halpin, a teacher at Los Banos High School, stated, ” Probably put more economic sanctions and apply more international pressure so Iran cooperates with the rest of the world.”

Mr. Halpin also thinks that Iran was responsible for the attacks saying, ” Yes, Iran always meddled with middle eastern affairs. Iran wanted to indirectly stick the U.S through Saudi Arabia since the United States is allies with Saudi Arabia.”

These unlawful oil field attacks are damaging the U.S citizen’s payroll and bank accounts. Oil is the world’s main source of power and Saudi Arabia is the world’s main oil supplier, supplying over 5% of the world’s oil. Gas and oil prices will rise, greatly impacting our daily lives. If the problems are not fixed, prices may rise higher.