$1000 A Month For Free: What Would You Do With It?


Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Andrew Yang Second 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Debate makes a proposal.

Chase Akers, Staff Reporter

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur born in Schenectady New York, is a surprise candidate in the United States presidency. He has been rising steadily among polls recently for his interesting policies and character.

The main policy Yang has been promoting is the “Freedom Dividend,” a form of Universal Basic Income (UBI). This policy intends to send all U.S citizens above age 18, one thousand dollars a month. The main reason that Andrew Yang wants to adopt this policy in the U.S is because of the rise of automation; millions of jobs are disappearing, which in turn, will make it harder for U.S citizens to make money.

The real question is, how does Yang propose Americans pay for this? He states that with this Freedom dividend that the citizens would generate even more revenue with this $1000 a month, due to the money being put back into the economy.  Yang also proposes that the higher up companies that avoid taxes in a certain way will begin to be taxed in the ways they avoid it, and that homelessness services and incarceration will be stronger and healthier with the Freedom Dividend, which will less the cost. He has many more ways to pay for the program as well. Andrew Yang is also currently has up to $10 million in fundraising already. 

American Government and Economics teacher, Mr. Gonzalez believes that it sounds like an “innovative idea that no one has made popular, which makes him stand out as a candidate.”

Mr. Gonzalez goes on to state that the way we apply it and afford it would be tricky however. He thinks that although automation is increasing, he believes that we may not be ready for all of this just yet. When proposed the question about how does he feel it would benefit schooling, if the Freedom Dividend policy was added, Mr. Gonzalez said he believes that, “the 18 year olds wouldn’t benefit as much as for the older adults.”

However, he believes that the education system would be a lot more affected in the subjects, as the rise of automation occurs, schooling would be affected. He believes that due to the automation increasing, the schools will most likely be geared towards teaching things like coding and computer engineering and the obvious other main subjects of course. The money he believes would not affect as much in the schooling aspect. 

What would you do with a $1000 a month?  It is a question worth wondering.