Creed Movies Review

Creed Movies Review

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Jovanni Leon, Staff Reporter

Creed I

This film is about Rocky Balboa taking young Adonis Creed, son of the legendary Apollo Creed under his wing to train him in boxing. Creed supposedly is self taught and is trying to become a legend like his father but in his own right not his shadow.

Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan does not know what to do with his life because he does not want a normal life of working in an office. He wants his life to be about him proving himself and not being a mistake to what people would think of him.

Michael O´Sullivan from The Washington Post said that, ¨ I admit that to being fairly knocked out by Creed,  a movie that is not just about boxing, which I have never cared about, but also is a sequel to the Rocky franchise, which I pretty much gave up on  25 years ago, roundabout Rocky V. ” This says something about this movie. it is not just about boxing it is about proving people´s opinion wrong and becoming a boxer like his father.

In my opinion this movie is amazing since nobody knew Apollo Creed, a boxer who fought against Rocky Balboa and became a world champion. Also interesting is that Apollo Creed had a son who wants to become a boxer in his own way to not look like a mistake in people´s opinion while training with Rocky in the process.

Creed II

The movie, Creed II is better than the first one. This movie might not have Ryan Cogler who directed Black Panther and the first Creed film, but overall it was a great movie.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety said, ¨ Jordan, a fantastic actor, plays all of this with a cutthroat cool laced with existential anxiety. When Creed says, ¨I´m dangerous,¨ he means it, but Jordan delivers that line with a street-cred hubris that´s his way of showing us Creed´s need to prove himself.¨

Ian Freer from Washington Post said that ¨Creed II is a respectable if not revelatory sequel to the sequel, even if it lacks its predecessor´s grace and narrative texture.¨

These reviewers are saying that it might not have little detail that a movie should have but, Creed II still has heart in a boxing way. In my opinion this movie has a more negative attitude which is better since he is trying to prove that he is a fighter like his old man.

Creed proves everybody wrong and beats his biggest enemy today a Ivan Drago played by Dolph Lundgren who Creed fights Viktor Drago played by Florian Munteanu.  Michael B. Jordan who plays Adonis Creed is is the predecessor in these boxing movies it went from Rocky (Sylvester) Stallone  to young Adonis Creed to take on the mantle of world champion weight belt in this 8 Rocky film.