FFA welcomes new members


Greenhand members learn about FFA at the Greenhand Conference.

Derek Vaca, FFA Reporter

On August 21, 2019, fourteen Greenhands attended the annual Greenhand Conference held at Modesto Junior College.

The Greenhands included Evelyn Baker, Laney Rocha, Jocelyn Vierra, Jacinta Brown, Samatha Lopez, Austin Waims, Anthony Michael, Yasmin Rivera, Natalia Trindarle, Ashlee Pineda, Lilian Kanemote, Prishaa Valia, Melanie Garcia, and Sage Avien.

This is a statewide conference for freshmen only with the purpose of showing them everything the large organization of FFA has to offer. At this conference, our Greenhands were exposed to the many wonders within our organization. They learned skills that will help them become good teammates and better leaders.  They met people who were just as new to FFA as they were, and they learned from FFA alumni who were excited to share their experiences and tips about their time in FFA.