Football game week 8 recap


Joe Barcellos

Varsity football prepares for game.

Karina Rodriguez , Staff Reporter

Los Banos varsity football season has been underway the last few months and the team has been well thus far. After losing the first league game against Beyer, the Tigers have been undefeated playing against Davis and Mountain House. Davis at the time remains undefeated.

During week 8, the team played Johansen. It was a very intense and good game. Johansen started with a lead of 7-0 over the Tigers with 7.52 left in the first quarter. Just like that the Tigers clapped back with a touchdown by Justin Incaprera, causing the teams to tie 7-7  with 5.42 left in the first quarter.

Getting closer to halftime, Tigers were 14-7 over Johansen, with just 34 seconds left in half, Johansen gets an incredible catch by their receiver and ties it back up to 14-14.

As the third quarter rolls in, wide receiver, Landon Ramos (12) catches a great pass from Tiger’s quarter back Colby Copp (12). LB is now at  20-14 over Johansen. With 5.36 left in the third quarter, Johanson takes the lead with 21-20 over the Tigers.

The game continued to go back and forth between the teams, until there was 47.9 seconds left in the fourth quarter, score was 34-33  Tigers over Johansen. With 47.9 seconds left in the game, the Vikings had a one side kick coming guaranteeing them the win, but the LB defense did not let that happen.  The ball was recovered by the Tigers, earning them the 34-33 win over the Vikings, continuing the team’s winning streak.

Come support the team during Friday’s game at Loftin stadium against Ceres.  This is the last home game of the season.