Girls Golf Season Ending Soon


Yary Photography

Girls golf team 2019.

Emma Norin, Staff Reporter

Winter is just around the corner, and with that comes an end of the fall sports at Los Banos High School. One of the sports played in fall at this school is girls golf. The girls had a mixed fall 2019, with four wins and 10 losses. The golf team has 23 girls on the team, which is more than earlier years. 

Kaylee Perriera, (10) an athlete on this year’s golf team states, “It was a fun season. We had a lot of girls on the team this year, more than usual. Even if we lost a lot of games, we still had a lot of fun which is what is important. Mike is a good coach, and we always have fun with him at the same time as we practice hard to reach the best possible results. ” 

Perriera played golf her freshman year of high school too, and is planning to play golf her next two years as well as a junior and senior. She says golf is the best sport if students want to be in a sport but do not like to run and condition. 

“It is a fun sport that suits every age. I am probably going to play golf when I get old, since it is a walking sport that makes it suitable for older ages. I would encourage everyone to try golf if you have a chance. Normally we play nine holes, but the last tournament was 18 holes. That is how a normal golf course looks, even if every golf course looks very different. However, it is a hard sport. The games are long and sometimes tiring, but in the end it is a very fun sport. I am always very proud when I make the holes, even if it is on the last strike.” 

Next season in golf starts after the summer 2020, so if you are interested in golf, definitely try it out!